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I’m a passionate amateur photographer living between Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Catania Sicily. I’m neither Dutch nor Sicilian but a French-born female, working as a free-lance translator for living. On one side I deal with the insecurity of a free-lancer life and on the other with the freedom of not being (too much) place bounded for my work. I also find it very stimulating and inspiring to live through radically different worlds. To me photography is a way to catalyse all this different experiences, both a creative and a contemplative process/path.
This “nomadic life” is also the reason of the title e-caminanta, which is meant as an homage to the caminante, a half-nomadic folk native from the province of Syracuse, Sicily. Mostly they live in the city of Noto mainly in the winter time and travel throughout Italy in the rest of the time. They work as knife grinders or street vendors by main attractions. So if, traveling through Italy, you ear some men shouting from a car “Donne, è arrivato l’arrotino!! (Ladies, the knife grinder just arrived) proposing all kind of reparations you probably have met some caminante. don’t call them gypsies thought. They are proud of the way they live and of their Italian specificity.
This was it I guess. I definitely prefer writing with light than with words.
Thanks to the great people (bloggers and others) who follow this blog or just step by from time to time with a “like”!

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