Last postcards from Amsterdam

Doesn’t look like Sicily yet, but this is the place i’m leaving from, my part of heart in Amsterdam. Yet a global image, the entrance of Amsterdam’s Chinatown.

The Chinese community in Amsterdam (and in Holland) is one of the eldest one in Europe. The Chinese arrived around 1900 and worked at first as seafarers, even if the peanut cookies vendors are more recorded by now.

Hunderd years later Amsterdam is a beautiful chinatown rich in the oldest part of the city with the biggest Chinese temple in Europe, the He Hua temple.
Shoppers can find all sorts of oriental products, from food to fine plates and kitchen articles. Don’t miss a visit to Dun Yong supermarket. Quite a long way from the early times small peanut cookies vendors indeed!

Those guys were for sure not from the early times but tourists/business men. Couldn’t help having a malicious thought about the triade, the Chinese mafia. Who knows if I was so far from reality?

Wel that’s it folks! This 2 first posts were meant as the first stage of this blog. As some of my Dutch friends say “the bullet entered the church”. Strange folk this Dutchies aren’t they?

Hope to manage a visit to the Zeedijk for the Chinese newyear, otherway I wish a happy dragon year to all beings. The next post will be from Catania bedda and its yearly big event!!!


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